Our Impact

"Our number one job is to stay in business...But our number one aim should be to be a good corporate citizen.
I think these two goals are compatible."
- Fred Meijer, 1995

For Hendrik Meijer, and his son, Fred, running their business based on dignity and respect for all people and caring for the environment was simply the right thing to do.

In 1934, Hendrik opened a small grocery store to bring people fresh, quality food at fair prices during the Great Depression. A little more than a decade later, in 1945, that family-owned business demonstrated its values by employing a 50 percent female staff. In 1962, Meijer pioneered the first supercenter shopping experience. Eight years later, Fred was a speaker at the first Earth Day event in Grand Rapids, Mich. And while much has changed over the last nine decades, our values have not.

Even though the world looks very different today than it did when Hendrik and his family opened their first store, there’s one thing that will never change at Meijer: Doing good from within. Good from our heritage, honoring our founding values. Good from within our business, empowering our own team members. And good from within our communities, innovating for the future.

Hendrik and Fred’s legacies remain vital to our company. Inspired by their example, we strive to ensure that Meijer continues to be good from within every day.


The Meijer Corporate Impact Report

For some companies, the idea that business creates an impact beyond the bottom line may be a new trend. But not at Meijer.

Nearly 90 years ago, the Meijer family founded their company with the commitment to care for people, communities and the environment. Today, Meijer remains privately held and family owned. With the publication of the Meijer Corporate Impact Report, we are sharing how generations of Meijer family values continue to influence every aspect of our business.

Meijer has always encouraged collaboration with our partners, including team members, suppliers and customers. Likewise, we have always invested in our communities and promoted a healthy planet.

This report is our opportunity to present these comprehensive efforts to our customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders. 

Download the 2022 Meijer Corporate Impact Report

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