Sustainable Packaging

Meijer is committed to making packaging more sustainable. This means improving recyclability, sharing how-to-recycle guidance on each packaging element, and using recycled materials. It can also mean creating reusable or compostable packaging or eliminating packaging altogether.

In 2019, Meijer announced three sustainable packaging goals.

  • By 2022, all True Goodness by Meijer packaging will contain the How2Recycle label
  • By 2025, Meijer brand packaging will be 100 percent recyclable, reusable, or compostable
  • By 2025, Meijer brand packaging will contain 20 percent post-consumer recycled material

We know that these are ambitious goals, and we also know that they are just one step on our journey to utilizing more sustainable packaging.

In addition to making our own packaging more sustainable, we also encourage our suppliers to improve recyclability, increase the recycled content of their own packaging and include the How2Recycle label.

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