Waste Reduction

Meijer is committed to waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention. Meijer strives first to minimize waste. When waste cannot be prevented, we work to divert as much waste as possible away from the landfill to a more productive use, such as conventional recycling, animal feed or compost.


One of the significant ways we divert waste from landfills is by finding alternate uses for it through our recycling programs.

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02food waste

Food waste makes up a significant portion of the waste our stores and manufacturing facilities produce. We’re working hard to prevent food waste and recycle what we can’t prevent through animal feed and compost programs.

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03plastic bag and film recycling

Single-use plastic bags are widely-used as grocery bags due to their convenience, but they come at an environmental cost. While we work together with other retailers across the industry to find the solution to this problem, we’re pleased to offer easy ways to make sure plastic bags don’t end up in our local landfills.

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04drug take-back program

Improper disposal of medication poses a threat to our waterways and land, as well as our communities as misuse of controlled pharmaceuticals becomes increasingly common. Our drug take-back program offers a safe way to get rid of unused, unwanted or expired medications.

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