Better Products

Meijer is committed to providing local and sustainable products to our customers. Since the first Meijer store opened in 1934, the company has been offering an array of local products, and we are now one of the largest purchasers of fruits and vegetables in our six states.

01local products

We’re proud to support local growers and manufacturers. As a Midwestern company, we’re eager to support economies in the states we call home and bring our customers products made in their own backyards.

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02sustainable packaging

We know the future of packaging must be sustainable and we’re finding sustainable solutions that work for our customers and our planet. Learn more about our journey to eliminate single-use packaging from our shelves.

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03true goodness

Our True Goodness brand brings you healthy food without sacrificing on value. Learn about all the goodness that goes into our True Goodness products and, more importantly, what we leave out of them.

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04sustainable seafood

As a company founded in West Michigan, we know the importance of protecting our planet’s fisheries. So, whether it’s from our local Great Lakes or an ocean on the other side of the world, we’re doing what we can to support sustainable fishing practices while bringing you the highest quality seafood.

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05pollinator health

We understand that the health of pollinator animal species, like the honeybee, is directly linked to the dependability of our food supply. Pollinator health is a matter of food security, and food retailers can play an important role in limiting pollinator health decline as a result of pollinator-toxic pesticides. Learn more about the actions that Meijer is taking to promote pollinator health in our communities and supply chains.

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