Pollinator Health

At Meijer, we strive to be a good neighbor, which means serving our communities today and helping to protect our planet for tomorrow. We understand that the health of pollinators, like the honeybee, is directly linked to the dependability of our food supply. Their health is a matter of food security, and food retailers can play an important role in limiting pollinator health decline caused by pollinator-toxic pesticides. 

We are committed to engaging our supply chains to implement the least-toxic approaches to pest management. These approaches, such as integrated pest management (IPM) and regenerative agriculture are beneficial to pollinator species compared to more conventional uses of pesticides. 

Decreasing the use of pesticides and applying them at the right time and in the right ways can help improve the health of pollinator species.  

Read more about our full Commitment to Pollinator Health, including taking action to create intentional pollinator habitats on our properties to help support these populations in the communities we serve. 


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