Meijer is committed to recycling, and we measure our success based on our diversion of waste from the landfill.

Every year since 2019, Meijer has recycled more than 200,000 tons of material.

Cardboard makes up the bulk of our recycling, and organic wastes are also recycled at facilities across our footprint. Click here for more information on our store food waste recycling program.

We’re proud to say that, since 2018, we’ve achieved more than a 95 percent waste diversion rate at our five food manufacturing facilities. Much of the waste from these facilities comes from food, and we’ve cultivated partnerships to send this waste to animal feed, compost or anaerobic digestion, which is a process that converts organic wastes into renewable natural gas and nutrient-rich soil amendment.

See our Environmental Performance page for more details on our performance over time.

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