Truck Fleet

with a truck fleet made up of 750 trucks covering more than 70 million miles a year, we know our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and use less fuel are making a big impact.

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By partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program since 2005, we’ve tracked emissions and learned practices that have allowed us to become an industry-leader.

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Meijer has operated a 100 percent clean-diesel fleet since 2014. This transition to clean diesel makes a big impact. In fact, it takes 47 clean-diesel trucks to produce the same emissions as just one of our previous vehicles. Plus, our new trucks meet the highest EPA Clean Emission and Idle certification.

The Meijer fleet has been awarded the SmartWay Excellence Award six times across multiple categories since 2017. We’re also proud to have been the first company to receive the award as both a shipper and a carrier in a single year.


we are investing in the technology to keep our roads and our planet safe.

Our trucks have enhanced safety features, including radar collision mitigation systems that give visibility in their blind-spots.

Meijer has made significant improvements in reducing the fleet's carbon emissions, including the installation of telematics to maintain quality and temperature control in the trucks' refrigeration systems. The trucks all have alarm and communications systems that alert the drivers to temperature changes. Our trucks are using 569,767 fewer gallons of fuel each year than our fleet did in 2006. They’re also used as a test fleet for new technology breaking barriers in sustainable trucking.


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