Carbon Reduction

Meijer is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Electricity, natural gas usage, transportation, and refrigerant gas leakage produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. Meijer is focused on reducing carbon emissions through the following initiatives:

01energy efficiency

We’re reducing our impact on the environment by finding innovative ways to use less energy in our stores, distribution centers and offices. Since 2005 we’ve reduced our stores’ energy use by nearly 30 percent through these efforts.

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02truck fleet

With 750 trucks covering more than 70 million miles a year, our work to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency makes a big impact on our planet. Our award-winning clean-diesel truck fleet leads the way in industry sustainability.

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03refrigerant management

Our achievements in reducing refrigerant emissions have been recognized year after year by the Environmental Protection Agency through its GreenChill program.

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04renewable energy

It takes a lot of energy to keep our stores open – and not just from our team members. That’s why we’re investing in renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint.

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05electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles play an important role in building a greener future for our planet, so we are doing our part to make it easy for our customers to embrace them. We’ve installed charging stations for electric vehicles at more than 20 percent of our stores and continue to install more every year.

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