Meijer Team Member Showcases Purple Cow Ice Cream in TV Commercial

Rachel Savage is a Meijer team member featured in the retailer’s latest TV commercial series.

Rachel Savage loves ice cream.

So much so that she has been known to eat it three days a week … at work, making sure it’s texture, taste and amount of inclusions like caramel swirls or brownie bits are perfect.

“Sometimes you don’t eat dinner because you’re so full of ice cream,” said Savage, a Meijer Own Brand Lead in Merchandising for Purple Cow ice cream. “We eat a lot of ice cream to make sure we have really great ice cream.”

Savage, who’s helped create flavors like birthday cake, strawberry rhubarb pie, espresso chip ice latte, chocolate cupcake craze and key lime pie, is among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials across the Midwest that showcase what they do, their knowledge and the retailer’s standards and commitment to quality.

“Fred Meijer always shared joy. We want to share that joy, so we need great, quality ice cream for people to eat,” Savage said. “We want the brand, Purple Cow, to continue to stand for something.”

The commercial Savage is featured in focuses on what it takes to make the best Purple Cow Birthday Cake ice cream and can be found here.