Meijer Keeps a Fresh Focus with J & J Dill

Our longstanding commitment to buying locally-grown produce across our footprint remains at the heart of our partnerships every day. An example of such a partnership is our close working relationship with J & J Dill, a small farm that provides high-quality local produce to our northern Illinois stores.

For more than four years, Meijer has been buying kale, greens and herbs from J & J Dill. Coming from five generations of farmers, James Goebbert runs J & J Dill and began farming in high school. He now employs more than 50 people on his 500-acre farm.

“We appreciate Meijer’s commitment to buying locally,” Goebbert said. “They are completely in tune with our philosophy to only sell locally, which ensures people will purchase the freshest, safest products available.”

With over 600 farm-fresh choices available at our stores delivered daily from local growers, we value the role of local growers in our communities and in our stores. As we continue to grow across the Midwest with 9 new stores in 2016, we continue to seek partnerships with local growers who meet the high quality standards that have been set.

To view a video highlighting the J & J Dill, please click here.