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Supplier Diversity Manager Kavy Lenon Named Among Top 25 Diversity Change Leaders
Oct 28, 2021

DiversityPlus Magazine recently honored Meijer Supplier Diversity Manager Kavy Lenon as one of its 2021 Diversity Change Leaders. Selected based on their significant contributions to advancing supplier diversity in some of the largest organizations in the United States and globally, these professionals use their expertise to drive change to improve the lives of people, businesses and communities.

Since joining our team in January, Kavy has already made significant contributions to our growing Supplier Diversity strategy.

“Supplier Diversity, as well as Diversity & Inclusion in general, is clearly really important to us at Meijer,” she said. “Everyone I speak to shows how passionate they are about the topic and offers to help in whatever way they can, so my job is just bringing people together to do more as a team than we could working separately.”

In 2021, Kavy led multiple events to attract, train and develop diverse vendors across merchandising, construction and logistics, including our ongoing Collection of Voices art contest.

She also serves as an internal advocate and educator for diverse businesses, guiding them to success and clearing paths for them along the way. She credits her parents as role models for the servant leadership model she aspires to uphold in her own work.

“I believe in karma, which drives a lot of my work,” she said. “I believe that when I do good, good comes back to me, which is why I appreciate getting to do this kind of work. At Meijer, I feel empowered to bring my whole self to work and drive change that is not only imperative to our business, but to our customers and communities, as well.”

Kavy works to advance supplier diversity efforts beyond Meijer as well, sitting on the board of Construction Allies in Action and being vice chair of the Veteran Owned Business Round Table.  

Kavy also passionately serves her local community with a special focus on the West Michigan Asian American population. As Executive Director of the Lao-American Association of Holland, Kavy serves 200 Lao families by providing resources to vital services and supporting the continued growth of Lao culture. She is also a board member of the Grand Rapids Asian Pacific Foundation and member of the Executive Committee of the Grand Rapids Asian Festival. 

“It means so much to me to ensure that members of my community feel comfortable calling West Michigan home,” she said.

We’re proud of the work Kavy is doing both within Meijer and beyond and congratulate her on this recognition.

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