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Timing Couldn’t Be Better for Simply Give Donation to Ohio Food Pantry
Aug 8, 2023

The timing of a generous donation from the Meijer Simply Give program couldn’t come at a better time for Ohio food pantry, South Hills Lend-A-Hand.

Located in Broadview Heights, Ohio since 1987, the pantry became a Meijer Simply Give partner two years ago and today, benefits from our recent widespread extra donation of $1 million to food pantries across the Midwest. This immense donation equates to 4 million meals, based on the average cost of a meal from select food pantry partners across the Meijer footprint.

“Our clients are grateful for the fresh produce and meat we purchase through Meijer’s Simply Give program,” Pantry Coordinator Karen Atwell said.

With more families visiting the food pantry, Simply Give’s unexpected donation comes at a perfect moment for Lend-A-Hand as the food pantry works to keep its shelves stocked.

“Our clients appreciate the variety of meat we provide, so offering both ground beef and chicken goes a long way,” Karen said. “In addition, families with babies are grateful for diapers and diaper wipes. We have even obtained syrup from the Simply Give program, which pairs well with Cleveland Food Bank’s pancake mix donations.”

The pantry continues to experience high demand as programs that once helped struggling families through the pandemic are now expiring. Fortunately, Karen says, “how blessed we are to receive Simply Give gift cards to primarily purchase meat and produce that otherwise are no longer available to us. Our families benefit immensely.”

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