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Meijer Surprises Ohio Teacher with Back-to-School Shopping Spree
Sep 7, 2023

Teacher spending for the classroom continues to increase drastically each year. In fact, according to new surveys conducted by Adopt A Classroom, teachers spent an average of $860 on school supplies out of pocket during the 2022-2023 school year. To help offset that cost, Meijer offers a year-round coupon that provides 15 percent off on school and home office equipment for teachers. But this year, we wanted to take that a step further.

In conjunction with Cleveland news station WKYC, we surprised a Cleveland-area teacher with a gift card to cover the average out-of-pocket spend for her new school year.

Parma City Schools teacher Donna Kucera was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and was gone from her classroom most of the year fighting the disease. When she arrived back at school this summer for what she thought was a meeting about her classroom, she found all her co-workers there to surprise and welcome her back, along with Seven Hills Store Director Sheila Dowgiert and 3News’ Danielle Wiggins. Danielle, a fellow cancer survivor, and Sheila gave her an additional surprise by presenting her with an $850 gift card to re-outfit her classroom, along with a cake and flowers.

Click here to view the full video including Donna’s surprise moment.

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