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Detroit Team Member Scores a Personal Goal with the Red Wings
Oct 5, 2021

Team member Matt Freigruber has big plans for his career. Just 10 months since being hired at the Rochester Hills, Mich. store, he’ll tell you, “My goal is to work my way up on the Meijer team and go as high as I can go.”

But those “goals” never involved the Detroit Red Wings, until now.

The NHL hockey team recently requested a Meijer team member participate in a video highlighting the news that Meijer was the team’s new helmet sponsor for the upcoming season, Matt’s store director offered him the chance to guest star.

“Matt’s always been enthusiastic about every opportunity we’ve given him,” Store Director Mary Kimbrough said. “He’s stepped up for our team many times and always wants to keep moving forward, so we knew he’d be perfect for the video.”

In the video, Matt steps up as the cashier helping a Red Wings player check various items out at the Rochester Hills store, including the 2021-22 season’s team helmet.

While Matt previously worked at other retailers, he says this is the latest of many all-star moments he’s had at the Rochester Hills store.

“I was blown away that my leadership chose me, but it’s just another example of how considerate the team leaders at our store have been,” he said. “The way they always ask how I’m doing even before assigning a task inspires me to want to keep learning and one day be a leader.”

After scoring his latest goal with the Red Wings, Matt reports he is focused on his career more than ever. While pursuing a degree in business management, he recently completed a Leadership Training Program at Meijer and looks forward to checking more goals off his ambitious list. 

“My goal right now is to be ready to run my own store before I am 30,” he said. “I'll make sure I do everything I need to be prepared. As long as I can keep connecting with my team, nothing’s going to stop me.”

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