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Birthday Candles and Bright Futures in West End of Louisville
Feb 24, 2022

Our New Albany, Ind. Store Director Bobby Warren says Sadiqa Reynolds has set the bar very high on ways to celebrate a birthday.  

Last month, the President & CEO of the nearby Louisville Urban League (LUL) preferred to acknowledge her special day by inviting Antwon Rondo to have his 11th birthday party in the community space at the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center.

Because Antwon was also born on Jan. 30, Sadiqa offered him the opportunity to invite family and friends to a party he could not have imagined possible a few months earlier. The 11-year-old, who also participates in the Urban League’s youth program, spent the Sunday afternoon with all his friends exploring the center’s “Fun Zone,” featuring a four-lane mini-bowling alley and interactive rock-climbing wall.  

“We were thrilled to show our support by providing the cake, refreshments and party decorations,” Bobby said. “There’s such a bright future for what this facility brings to the Russell community that I could feel the excitement when he blew out the candles.”

Since opening in February 2021 with our support, the 24-acre, multi-sport complex has drawn rave reviews from across the country. The venue hosts local, regional and national indoor and outdoor track meets, other sporting events, concerts and a variety of other events.  

“Meijer has proven to be a great partner in demonstrating trust-based philanthropy and allowing us to grow our mission and make an impact in the community,” Sadiqa said. “They’ve shown us they believe in us and because of that, we believe in them. Bobby even delivered the decorations himself.”  

In response, Bobby said, “We wanted to do our part to make Antwon’s birthday party perfect and show support not just for today, but any time we can help make an impact for our neighbors in west Louisville.”

Partners like the Louisville Urban League make it easy for Bobby and our teams to support them.

“If you listen to Sadiqa talk about her plans for the next 5 years and experience her passion for helping the community, you’d be inspired to spend your Sunday afternoon there as well!”

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