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Meijer TMRG, ‘Women at Meijer’ Presents Donation to Two Meaningful Organizations
Mar 18, 2024

In a heartwarming display of solidarity and empowerment, the Women at Meijer (WAM) team member resource group (TMRG) recently presented their 2023 Meijer Team Gives donation to two remarkable women-owned organizations in West Michigan: Faith45 and Treetops Collective. This act of generosity not only reflects our commitment to supporting the local community but also underscores our dedication to empowering women at every level.

WAM is a vibrant community of Meijer team members, comprised of passionate and driven individuals dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Led by a team of inspiring leaders, this group provides a platform for women to connect, collaborate, and thrive in their professional and personal lives. Through giving initiatives, volunteer efforts, and strategic partnerships, the members of WAM strive to make a positive impact on the communities around them.

Faith45, a nonprofit organization based in Holland, Mich., is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for families going through pregnancy or infant loss. Founded by Chris and Julie Reuschels, Faith45 provides a wide range of programs and resources aimed at helping women overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The donation from WAM to Faith45 will undoubtedly make a meaningful difference in the lives of the women served by the organization. By investing in education, mentorship, and personal development, WAM is helping create a brighter future for women in West Michigan and beyond.

Treetops Collective, located in Grand Rapids, Mich. also received support from the TMRG. Co-founded by Tarah Carnahan, Treetops Collective is dedicated to creating inclusive communities for newcomers, particularly refugee and immigrant women.

Through a variety of programs and services, Treetops Collective provides essential resources and support to women as they navigate the challenges of resettlement and integration into a new culture. By supporting Treetops Collective, WAM is contributing to a more welcoming and inclusive community for all.

With our customers, team members, and communities, we have the power to effect positive change. This Women’s History Month – and every month – we celebrate the inspiring work of our TMRG, WAM and continue to support organizations dedicated to empowering women and building stronger, more inclusive communities for everyone.

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