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Record-Holding Team Member Encourages Safe Social Distancing through Balloon Art
May 15, 2020

Having recently joined the Meijer team, local Cincinnati, Ohio artist David Baker knew he wanted to do something to brighten customers’ spirits, so he did what he does best—balloon sculpture.

A well-known Cincinnati artist, Baker holds multiple world records in balloon sculpture and has built pieces for some of the largest events in the city. But with large gatherings slowing down amidst social distancing directives, Baker took the opportunity to join the team at his local Meijer part-time.

He created the piece entitled “Relax” to be featured in the center aisle of the Cincinnati store for two days in mid-April as part of the international One Million Bubbles of Hope movement that is meant to spread joy and art across the world through balloon sculpture.

The sculpture depicts a man on a private island reclining under a tree and is meant to encourage safe self-isolating and self-care during these difficult times.

“I hope this piece conveys a positive message to the public to practice safe social distancing measures and take some time each day to do something for themselves that will bring them a moment of peace.”

Baker used 172 balloons and took more than three hours to build it, but the result was well worth it.

“Many of the customers and team were excited and loved it,” Store Director Brett Rutter said. “It truly was a sight to see.” 

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