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Meijer President’s Award Winners Donate Thousands to Community

Meijer Legacy Awards honor our team members who are leaving a lasting legacy on their teams and in their communities. The President's Award is given to team members who have positively driven the success of the company in alignment with our strategy.

We’re pleased to announce the following winners of the 2021 President’s Awards. As part of their prize, each winner selected a nonprofit of their choice to receive a $1,000 contribution in their name from Meijer.

Angie smiles in a professional headshot wearing a blazer.
Angie Pagel was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Angie Pagel, Director, Merchandising Consumables

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Angie rose to the challenges presented by the pandemic and responded to unpredictable and dramatic runs on paper products and cleaning supplies. She worked with our Global Sourcing Office and sourcing teams to find new suppliers and tapped into her supply chain experience to stay nimble, find new opportunities, and keep the shelves as stocked as possible for our customers. Despite difficult circumstances, she still led her team to achieve incredible success. She remains focused on the future and has built strategies to increase efficiencies and streamline products in key categories. Angie is also a compassionate leader. She encourages her team to take care of themselves and their families, plans virtual team bonding events, and nurtures their personal and professional growth.

Angie chose to support injured veterans with her donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, which serves military veterans suffering from the physical and mental tolls of their service.


Dormica, a black woman, smiles with her arms crossed in front of her.
Dormica Oppenhuizen was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Dormica Oppenhuizen, Director, International Inbound Logistics

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dormica plays an important role in connecting our U.S. and Global Sourcing Office teams. While leading a team in a different country and time zone can be a challenge, Dormica has maintained engagement across the globe with virtual events and a book club for her team. She managed a demanding, unexpected increase in volume as a result of the pandemic. Dormica also plays an active role in the Meijer MOSAIC Team Member Resource Group, helping us to better serve our team members and customers of color. She’s also involved with the Grand Rapids community, serving on the boards of the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Girls Choral Academy, and is a member of Women of Color Give.

Dormica chose to support Women of Color GIVE, a Holland, Mich.-based organization that brings women of color together to invest in and support each other, as well as causes that empower projects for and by women of color.


Ken smiles behind his mask as he receives his award and is handed his certificate.
Ken Barton was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Ken Barton, Vice President Human Resources for Employee & Labor Relations and Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Ken stepped out of his normal role in 2020 to take an active part in our COVID-19 response. His strategic focus and strong collaboration across the business led to the development and implementation of important safety protocols and an Integrated Leave Management support model that helps our team members stay safe, healthy and able to continue serving our customers during a time of crisis. He also worked to develop leadership materials and frequent communications to ensure leaders were kept up to date about the rapidly changing conditions and able to support their teams. Ken approaches decision making with dignity and respect and remains focused on how we can win with our team.

Ken chose Grand Rapids-based hunger relief program Kids’ Food Basket as the recipient of his donation.


Kerry wears his white pharmacy coat and grins from behind his face mask as he holds his President’s Award trophy in the pharmacy aisle of his store.
Kerry Briske was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Kerry Briske, Pharmacy Team Leader

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Kerry leads his pharmacy team with a passion to compete. Kerry manages one of the top five busiest pharmacies in the chain while continuously delivering impressive results. While metrics are important to him, his keen focus on our customers really sets him apart. He makes the effort to learn his customers’ names and preferences, works to keep hard-to-find medications in stock, and special orders products his customers need. He even partnered with a local retirement community to deliver their medications and other store goods.

It’s no surprise that he also plays a major role in company-wide pharmacy programs, leading his team to pilot all new pharmacy systems before we roll them out to all our stores. His feedback and ideas enhance the pharmacy experience for our customers and team members. Kerry’s been with Meijer for 37 years and has played a critical role in developing pharmacy talent as a mentor and leader along the way.

Kerry chose to put his $1,000 donation toward Paws With a Cause, an organization that enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained assistance dogs.

For a video of our leadership team surprising Kerry with his award, click here.


Paul stands holding his trophy in front of a vintage Meijer logo on the wall behind him.
Paul Jaeckle was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Paul Jaeckle, Vice President Asset Protection

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Paul’s role in keeping our team members and customers safe and healthy became even more important in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and civil unrest. He rose to the occasion, and his leadership has been critical to our crisis response. He also looks for innovative solutions to move our company forward. Paul’s ability to lead and collaborate cross-functionally through unprecedented situations has instilled trust and built confidence, and he truly demonstrates what leadership means at Meijer.

Paul chose to support Silent Observer, a Grand Rapids-based anonymous tip line that empowers citizens to share vital information with police to help solve crimes in their neighborhood.


Sheila holds her President’s Award trophy proudly in front of the produce section of her store.
Sheila Wojciechowski was named a 2020 Meijer President’s Award Winner.

Sheila Wojciechowski, Cashier

Warren, Mich.

Sheila has been making a positive impact at Meijer for more than 40 years. She builds connections with her team and her customers through kind gestures that let them know she truly cares, like buying tea for a team member who experienced a loss or providing help with a ride to visit someone in the hospital. Sheila is committed to making her store the best it can be. She pays attention to the little details, like sweeping the parking lot and making sure that anything broken is fixed quickly. She takes pride in the store’s partnership with their local food pantry and delivers bags to them each week to package items for those in need. Sheila is also always eager to learn about innovation, whether it’s helping to test a new system or learning the Meijer delivery program so she can help. She knows her customers by name, and they frequently contact the store to compliment her exemplary work.

Sheila chose to help feed her neighbors in need by supporting Lord Harvest Christian Fellowship Church and Food Pantry in Warren with her donation.

To see Sheila’s reaction when we surprised her with the award in her store, click here.


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