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Meijer Intern Impressed by Retailer at a Young Age

Meijer is committed to enriching the lives and communities we serve, and for Bonnie McCall, that positive influence began at a very young age when the greeters knew her and her brothers by sight – and offered Purple Cow ice cream – when they walked into the store.

A trip to Meijer was a fun experience because the culture was so welcoming. Over the years, McCall would see it as a place of comfort as she continued to see that positive reach extend into the community.  

“For me, it’s not just a grocery store,” said McCall, of Grand Rapids. “Each store carries the personal touch wherever you go and it’s unlike any other store chains.”

McCall is among 77 other college interns from 30 colleges and universities who’ve adapted alongside Meijer in the wake of COVID-19. To keep its robust internship program from being cancelled, the retailer transitioned it into an all-virtual setting. Now, as an intern on the Community Partnerships & Giving Team, the Michigan State University student is experiencing that unique personal touch from a different perspective.

Her internship experience has only enhanced these passionate feelings. Working primarily with donations, she’s developed an understanding of what goes into helping support area food pantries, as well as identifying new and creative ways to positively impact communities across the Meijer footprint throughout the holiday season despite the new challenges the coronavirus pandemic pose.

“This internship has given me a greater breadth on how Meijer cares for individuals and supports organizations within our footprint,” she said. “It’s not about recognition, but how we can help as many communities as possible. Every team member continuously works to achieve this goal.”

For more information on how our 2020 summer internship program went virtual, check out our Meijer Newsroom.

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