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Thanks for your support

It’s amazing how many letters we get from our customers, especially during these challenging times, and it seems we get more every day. I’m always touched by people who take the time to express their gratitude for an experience they had in one of our stores, because it tells me our team is doing what it does best— enriching lives in the communities we serve.

It also means a lot to our team members, who are committed to helping people get the things they need for their families in this “new normal.” We receive everything from emails to hand drawn pictures to formal greeting cards to tweets and we love them all. During these difficult times, our team members truly appreciate reminders that their efforts are noticed and valued by their communities.

So, on behalf of all of us at Meijer, thank you for the thank you notes. We read all of them and they matter to us, a lot.

Here are some of my favorite notes from this week:








-Rick Keyes,
President & CEO of Meijer



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