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Meet Some of our Fairfax Market’s Local Vendors
Jan 18, 2024

Fairfax Market in Cleveland officially opened by Meijer Jan. 16 and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the community to our newest store. Our Market formats put a spotlight on local businesses, offering their products on shelves. At Fairfax Market, customers can truly experience Ohio-made products, with many founded in the Cleveland area.

“Fairfax Market represents another opportunity to serve our customers in a community that offers so much potential for growth. We’ve spent the last year connecting with local vendors and asking neighbors what they’d like to see in the market,” Fairfax Market Store Director Alan Jordan said in the grand opening news announcement. “As a result, we’ve worked to curate requested products and develop programs that will benefit our neighbors, such as multiple delivery options and on-site grocery pick-up.” 


Check out these four Cleveland-based vendors, and many others, next time you visit:



Founded by Alia Edwards, her premium, homemade mac and cheese is ready to heat instantly for any meal, whether for an occasion or everyday side dish. What once started as a stand at various Cleveland food festivals, Alia’s special recipe is now available via catering and in store so everyone can experience her love for soul food in their own community.




Catlin Naturals

Andrea Catlin realized her passion for scent should be shared with others, resulting in launching her business of handcrafted luxury body care products. Founded in 2018, Catlin Naturals uses all natural ingredients and uplifting scents meant to impact mood, evoke memories, and bring out positive emotions. As a mental health advocate, Andrea believes everyone deserves self-care with her products.




Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop

Leslie Elston’s wife, Siobhan, was injured during a turbulent flight as a flight attendant and had to leave her job. When constant pain compromised her ability to move, it resulted in multiple health issues, including a significant iron deficiency. Leslie decided to create a spinach soup for his wife – and the rest is history. With a wide variety of all natural soups, Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop feeds the body with the best ingredients and continues to help people looking to improve their health.



Bigmouth Donut Company

Founded by Kelly Brewer, Bigmouth Donuts are not only made from scratch, but also created with clean ingredients. It’s hard to believe the words “donut” and “clean” can be used in the same sentence, but it remains Kelly’s mission to bring the very best product to his customers. And it’s evident he and his staff bring the best, voted as one of the top spots in’s Best Donut competition.

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