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Legacy Award Winner Funds Legacy Litter of Puppies
Sep 29, 2022

When Kevin Hurn learned he won the 2021 Fred Meijer Award, he was truly surprised.

“Through COVID, I was head down and working, so it was an honor I didn’t expect,” the Director of Pharmacy Procurement and New Business said. “I had the opportunity to meet Fred over the years and to be recognized for having some of his traits is just mind blowing."

Kevin Hurn and his wife with their seven grandchildren, each holding a puppy

When the shock wore off and Kevin learned that, as part of his award, he could donate $5,000 to the nonprofit of his choice, it was a no-brainer – he picked Paws with a Cause. The organization breeds, raises and trains service dogs for people with disabilities.

The Hurn Family has been raising puppies for Paws with a Cause for about 14 years – raising seven puppies in all.

“What service dogs do for not only individuals, but also families, allows them to have their independence back and participate in life like all of us take for granted at times.”

Paws with a Cause has played a significant role in Kevin’s family for many years. Not only have they raised puppies, including a dog named Glory right now, but they whelped three litters in their house over the past 4 or 5 years.

“It’s a ball to have puppies,” Kevin said. “Our formal dining room becomes a nursery. Mama takes care of the puppies the first four to five weeks… then the last weeks are total chaos with 10 to 15-pound puppies bouncing off the walls!”

When it came to the donation, Kevin said, "because Paws is such a part of my life and my kids' lives, it was an easy decision.”

The cherry on top is, when someone donates $5,000 or more to Paws with a Cause, they get the honor of naming a litter. Kevin’s grandson was inspired by his favorite TV show, Paw Patrol, to name the puppies Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, and Everest.

While Kevin is too humble to say it, it’s clear that he’s leaving a legacy in so many ways both here at Meijer and in his community. His work on our Pharmacy Team is building a better future for our customers and also protected people’s lives in the last 2 years.

“During COVID, we were able to handle it because we knew what we had to do to be a pharmacy of the future. That allowed us to be a place to care for our patients and communities," he said. “The company has done a great job looking forward; I hope I've helped look forward, too.”

Whether it’s puppies or customers, Kevin’s legacy is clearly defined by caring for others. We’re proud to have him on our team!

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