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Muncie, Ind. Team Members Lace Up for a Cause with ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ Event
Mar 29, 2024

Each day, struggling individuals wander the streets, some seeking nourishment, warm clothing, or secure refuge, while others merely yearn for peace.

Each February, members from the city of Muncie, Ind., unite to confront the chill and offer solace to the hungry, the homeless, and those battling addiction. At Meijer, we remain deeply connected to supporting our neighbors and as a family-owned company, are dedicated to enriching lives in the communities we serve.

Our Muncie Store Director, Brandi Leonard, and her team joined the effort by participating in Muncie Mission’s Walk a Mile in My Shoes event. What started as a simple intentional water donation drop-off turned into a mile-long walk in the icy weather.

This year more than 1,400 people walked to raise funds to generate more assistance for the homeless community. The Muncie Meijer team brought water for the event and joined the walk on the 9-degree day in snowy and icy weather to spend a very small amount of time in the shoes of the homeless.

Brandi walked alongside the store’s Team Lead, Jacob Jessee, and General Manager Area Lead, Jeff Cook, for the mile in the cold of winter.

“This walk... wow... it highlighted the needs of the community right here in Muncie,” Brandi said. “This was just a small way to give back to the homeless community that is in our area.”

Teams who participated in the walk raised funds to support foundational issues like building transitional housing for the homeless and providing meals in their local kitchen.

“At the end of the walk, we carried the leftover water into their facilities,” Brandi said. “Seeing those in the building and using the space due to not having a home really hit me in the gut. It was truly impactful seeing so many people come together in the community.”

 Through their experience with the Walk a Mile in My Shoes event, the Muncie Meijer team plans to regularly volunteer with Muncie Mission to continuing providing hope for those in need.

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