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Indy Store Offers Break Room to Uniform Pantry in Need
Sep 29, 2021

One of our Indianapolis stores recently had the chance to go above and beyond to ensure local students could head back to school in style.

Each year, local organizations, Indy East Achievement Youth Services and Jon Bonner Neighborhood Center, form a “uniform pantry” for families on the east side of Indianapolis. This year, when our E. Washington St. store reached out to provide the clothing items they requested for the 2021-2022 school year, they found a greater need than just clothes. The organizations were desperately looking for a space to sort the clothing and prepare backpacks before distributing them to local students. That’s when Store Director Lonnie Jordan offered the stores’ break room

Beyond securing the necessary items for this year’s uniform pantry, our team was happy to offer the space to make the event possible. Our team members even helped set up and provided snacks and water to the volunteers.

“To see that commitment in action and be a part of it brings me joy to know we are helping the community,” Lonnie said.

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