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From One Essential Employee to Another, Thank You
May 12, 2020

Though Nurse Appreciation Week has ended, we continue to value the nurses and all the essential workers who are shepherding our communities through these difficult times. Knowing that the challenges our communities face are not over, it’s important we all continue to show our support to frontline workers. We have done what we can to help alleviate some of the stress in the lives of first responders by offering special shopping hours for essential workers since March. It’s our pleasure serving those who are serving our communities so well and receiving words of appreciation from them means a lot to us.

A nurse in Lansing, Mich., shared the following message with her Okemos store:

“Thank you for having special hours for essential employees. Working long, chaotic 12-hour shifts makes it challenging to go to the store. I was able to make the 7-8 a.m. shopping hour at the Okemos location. I was greeted with a smile and a clean cart, and I was able to relaxingly shop for groceries for my family. Meijer is my go-to, you are always giving back to the community and paying it forward. From an essential employee to a company full of essential employees, I appreciate you working tirelessly to provide us our basic needs during this unprecedented time.”

In response to her words of kindness, we would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all the nurses and frontline workers across our footprint and beyond.

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