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Kids in the Kitchen Teaches Kenosha Boys & Girls Club Members about Healthy Habits
Feb 25, 2016

The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha and Meijer recently joined forces to teach kids about healthy habits and nutritious foods through the Kids in the Kitchen program, which gives children the opportunity to learn how to prepare meals and cook.

Meijer Healthy Living Adviser Maribel Alchin joined several students to answer questions about making healthier choices and demonstrate how to create tasty, healthy snacks. Participants created Greek yogurt parfaits and learned about the benefits of each ingredient.

We believe that as children learn about healthy habits and become more confident in the kitchen, they are able to prepare healthy meals. As one of several ways Meijer is strengthening its commitment to health and wellness, we are proud to support the program that equips them with these skills.

To learn more about Kids in the Kitchen, please click here.

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