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Meijer Partnership with Detroit Family-Owned Mexican Tortilla Manufacturer Creates Jobs, Growth
Oct 27, 2015

Meijer has a new partnership with Detroit-based manufacturer Hacienda Mexican Foods that has not only placed authentic, handmade products in each of the retailer’s 222 stores across the Midwest, but has also allowed the small family-owned manufacturer to expand its operation and create local jobs in southwest Detroit.

“Meijer is committed to supporting Michigan businesses because it’s what our customers want and deserve,” said Peter Whitsett, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing for Meijer. “But the impact of this partnership with Hacienda Mexican Foods means so much more. It has created a ripple effect that has encouraged business growth and created jobs in the city of Detroit.”

To learn more about this partnership and its impact on the community, please click here.

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