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Alsum Farms & Produce: From a Family-Owned Farm to Meijer Stores
Aug 6, 2015

As Meijer continues to expand across the Midwest, our commitment to buying local produce has also grown. Although the latest Wisconsin stores just recently opened, we had already been working with farmers in the state, including Alsum Farms & Produce, a second generation family-owned and operated business in Friesland, Wis.

Meijer began purchasing potatoes from Alsum Farms & Produce nearly 4 years ago. Larry Alsum, president and CEO the of the 2,200-acre farm, along with several family members, work hard to supply Wisconsin Meijer stores with potatoes year round.

“With today’s shoppers seeking more information about how their food is grown and produced, Meijer is vital in bringing consumers and farmers together to share knowledge, build trust and confidence in our food supply while putting a face to the farmer,”Alsum said.

To view a video highlighting our partnership with Alsum Farms & Produce, click here.

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