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Meijer Legacy Awards Winners Share Career Advice

The Meijer 2021 Legacy Awards honored eight Meijer team members from our stores, distribution centers and corporate office for their impact on our teams, customers and communities. We asked these leaders to pass along their best piece of career advice.

The 2021 Fred Meijer Award winner

Kevin Hurn

Kevin Hurn, R. Ph. – Director of Pharmacy Procurement and New Business in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Think about the future and where you and the business need to be in a year or more and work toward it. It's a lot more fun to act than to react. Be courageous.”


2021 President’s Award winners:   

Angel Cuevas

Angel Cuevas – Distribution Facility Clerk in Tipp City, Ohio

“Love and live life. Always be your authentic self, so tomorrow you don't have to remember who you were. Hard work, dedication and perseverance always pay off, especially when working for a great company."


Carla Hendon

Carla Hendon – Director of Supplier Diversity and Indirect Procurement in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“When your passion and purpose align, it creates a space where amazing things can take place. For some people, it may seem like it’s more important to chase the next dollar – or what looks like a very cool position at the top. But there’s more to building a satisfying career. I have learned that the people who find purpose and value in what they do are really the happiest and most successful. It’s also very important to keep fostering our appreciation for the differences of others. We do not have to agree on everything. That would be boring. But respecting and supporting each other’s right to choose gives us all the ability to show up being our best self.””



David Le, R. Ph.

David Le, R. Ph. – Pharmacy Team Leader at the Sawmill Road Meijer in Columbus, Ohio

“I sincerely care about my team not through words but by actions, and the caring is always extended to their family, as well. At work, I wear different kinds of hats throughout the day, and the one I wear the least is the boss hat. I try to give my team the 80/20 autonomy to encourage critical thinking and initiative.”



Jeffrey Marentette, R. Ph.

Jeffrey Marentette, R. Ph. – Senior Enterprise Architect for Pharmacy, ITS in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Take the time to celebrate the small victories along the way to big successes. Recognize individual excellence and contributions of those around you in front of others. Never underestimate the importance of feeling valued.”



Kelvin McGill

Kelvin McGill – Warehouse Clerk in Lansing, Michigan

“Follow your heart and go to school! I know school isn’t always for everyone, but if you have a passion for doing something, you should go to school for it. Not just for the classes, but for the people. The people teach you the most – not just the professors, but your peers, as well. It’s all about meeting people and listening.”



Melissa Tinkham

Melissa Tinkham – Customer Service and General Merchandise Line Leader at the Fremont Meijer in Fremont, Mich.

“I am passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. Taking an interest in their families, hobbies, and supporting their goals and ambitions creates a stronger connection. Making a difference in the lives of others has always been important to me. Allowing people to find the value in themselves and recognizing them for the strengths and abilities that they possess makes them feel valued, recognized, and appreciated.”



Robert Ostroff

Robert Ostroff – Store Director of the Alpine Ave. Meijer in Walker, Mich.

“Be humble, trustworthy, invest in your team, keep your word, and your people will invest in you.”

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