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At Meijer, Fresh is a Family Business

Meijer is proud to continue to deliver the level of freshness that our customers have come to expect from our produce selection. We are able to offer this level of quality thanks to local growers. For example, Mouzin Brothers Farms, a family farm in southern Indiana, is one of our partners helping us provide locally-grown options to customers.

Meijer has purchased sweet corn, watermelon and pumpkins from the family farm since 2002. Julius Mouzin founded the first Mouzin Brothers Farms in 1935 and it has been passed down through the family to brothers Dennis and Ed Mouzin. The third generation growers operate more than 4,000 acres in Vincennes, Indiana with the help of several family members, including their children, to help ensure they deliver high quality products to Meijer stores.

“It’s always better to get produce locally because our food safety standards are so high. It gives customers fresher, better produce,” Dennis Mouzin said.

To view a video highlighting Mouzin Brothers Farms, click here.

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