Meijer Car Battery Recycling Service

Our modern society is increasingly attuned to recycling as many materials as possible. But there are some items that we own that pose specific challenges, including car batteries.Meijer Logo

Most car, truck and motorcycle batteries contain hazardous waste in the form of lead and acid. In fact, a typical car battery contains approximately 21 pounds of lead, three pounds of plastic and one gallon of sulfuric acid.

These components create problems when disposing. Sending them to a landfill runs the risk that toxic material will leak into the ground and/or water supply. At the same time, finding a car battery recycling facility can also be tricky because of local, state and federal rules on transporting hazardous materials.

In 2014, Meijer introduced car and other lead acid battery recycling on a limited basis with 47 tons being accepted. In 2015, that figure had jumped to more than 516 tons with all Meijer stores offering the service.