LED Lighting Offers Bright Idea for Energy Efficiency and Smart Shopping

LED light bulbs are extremely energy efficient and long lasting, which is why Meijer is slowly incorporating the energy-saving measure into its stores. Three of the retailer’s stores and 41 of its gas stations are already all-LED, and more are planned for this year.

LED Lighting
The Beavercreek, Ohio Meijer store became the company’s first to feature all-LED lighting, saving more than a half million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

One U.S. Department of Energy study found that LEDs installed in 2012 saved around $675 million in energy costs. In fact, if every person in the US replaced a conventional light bulb with an LED, the estimated energy savings could provide light for an estimated 2.5 million homes.

The LED lights at our supercenters and gas stations are built by GE and provide an extremely effective solution for improving energy efficiency at existing supercenters. The interior LEDs are 30 percent more efficient and have a lifespan that is twice as long as traditional lighting. The exterior lights, meanwhile, are 70 percent more efficient. In total, the all-LED lighting systems will save more than 1 Million kilowatt-hours per year with cost savings of up to $100,000.

“Meijer supercenters will use LED lighting for all interior and exterior lighting, including refrigeration, deli cases, and parking lot fixtures,” said Mitch Boucher, Meijer Engineering and Construction Director. “We believe the physical environment where people work and shop impacts the quality of their lives. This all-LED installation provides a better quality of lighting for our customers and showcases Meijer’s commitment to energy-saving solutions.”