“Wow, you got that at Meijer!”

Kate Cox is a fashion designer at Meijer featured in the Quality is No Accident TV commercial campaign.

Kate Cox is often met with surprise or disbelief when talking about the on-trend clothing styles carried at Meijer.

“I hear statements like, ‘wow, you got that at Meijer,’ or ‘I had no idea Meijer had clothes like that,'” said the fashion designer/product development manager for Meijer.

Instead of being frustrated, she takes it as a personal challenge to raise awareness about her team that takes each Meijer Own Brand garment from sketch to store, and everything in between. She’s among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials across the Midwest that showcase what they do, their knowledge and the retailer’s standards and commitment to quality.

The commercial Cox is in focuses on women’s clothing and the retailer’s commitment to giving customers of all sizes the opportunity to shop together. In early 2017, all Meijer plus-size clothing departments were integrated into missy and women’s, placing straight and extended sizes on one rack all at the same price.

The commercial Cox is featured in can be found here.