Quality is No Accident TV Campaign Features Meijer Employees

Robert Dalgleish is a quality assurance supervisor at Meijer and is among a handful of team members featured this year in TV commercials for Meijer.

Robert Dalgleish says bananas are high maintenance. Not only do they have their own “banana room” at the Meijer Distribution Facility in Lansing, he and his team check them twice a day based on size, color and temperature.

“We look at every shipment because we want the best available for our customers,” said the quality assurance supervisor who’s worked for Meijer for about 35 years. “Produce – that’s our signature department. It’s what our customers come back for. Our quality assurance team has pride in ownership for what we do. We strive day after day to make sure it’s the best produce we have.”

Dalgleish is among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials, called Quality is No Accident, that are running across the Midwest. They showcase what they do, their knowledge and the retailer’s standards and commitment to quality. His focuses on the quality of care and strict Meijer guidelines – that are more stringent than USDA standards – that goes into bananas. Meijer delivers about 6,000 cases of bananas to its stores daily, 7 days a week.

“You don’t think you’re shy until that camera goes on and they put it in your face,” he said. “But I like the campaign. I like the idea that we’re using team members to share our story and give some insight into what we do every day and why we do it.”

To view the commercial of Dalgleish, please click here.