Meijer Team Member Showcases Chips in TV Commercial

Andrea Wrenbeck is the Own Brand Lead for chips at Meijer, and is the latest Meijer team member featured in the Quality is No Accident TV commercial campaign.

Andrea Wrenbeck knows how to bring a Meijer potato chip to life.

In fact, the Own Brand Lead for Chips, said it takes several months to make sure it’s perfect – in terms of aroma, appearance, flavor and texture – to put on the shelf for Meijer customers.

“The best part is passing it onto the customer,” said Wrenbeck, a Livonia native who’s worked at Meijer for 4.5 years. “I love going into the store and seeing the product on the shelf, saying ‘look at all those things I did.’ The customer can finally see all the work that our team put into that chip.”

Wrenbeck, who’s worked on all 85 varieties of Meijer brand chips, is among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials across the Midwest that showcase what they do, their knowledge and the retailer’s standards and commitment to quality.

The commercial Wrenbeck is featured in focuses on what it takes to make the chips and can be found here.