Meijer Launches New TV Commercials with Own Team Members

Tyrone Bray is a certified butcher at the Indianapolis Meijer on Keystone Ave. and is among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials.

Scrutinizing the meat counter at the Indianapolis Meijer on Keystone Ave. to make sure it looks “pretty” is part of the daily grind for Tyrone Bray. He’s among a handful of Meijer employees featured this year in TV commercials across the Midwest that showcase what they do, their knowledge and the retailer’s standards and commitment to quality.

“It’s all about eye appeal. You want the steaks to be hollering at the customers. You want them to look pretty,” said the certified butcher who’s worked for Meijer for nearly 22 years. “It’s all about taking care of the customer and cutting our meat nice and fresh for them.”

Bray comes from a long line of butchers and takes pride in cutting dozens of cuts of meat – from pork tenderloins to T-bone steaks – and grinding hundreds of pounds of beef fresh daily for his customers.

The “Quality is No Accident” campaign highlights various departments within Meijer, including meat, produce, bakery, clothing and pharmacy. It’s the first time the retailer relied on team members instead of actors for its commercials. An internal casting session was held where team members submitted videos that were reviewed by the Meijer Marketing team. Once the team member talent was identified, they were filmed at various locations, including Meijer stores and a studio in California.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” he said. “It’s awesome to use employees for the commercials. It makes them feel good. People at work call me Mr. Hollywood.”

To view the commercials of Bray, please click here.