Meijer All-Clean Diesel Fleet

Every year, Meijer operates 250 semi-trucks to cover more than 25 million miles, making sure each store is fully stocked. With the development of new, innovative technology, the retailer’s truck fleet is able to travel across the Meijer footprint sustainably. Technology has allowed improved fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint by 60 percent.Media_Default_Meijer20Eco20Fleet_Fleet201

Meijer has seen dramatic improvement as a result. One of its clean diesel semi-trucks has the same emissions as 47 of the retailer’s previous vehicles, while the fleet’s total fuel economy is about 20 percent more fuel efficient than the national industry average. Over 5 years, fuel savings will be equivalent to 69,863 barrels of oil.

Meijer is also adopting new technologies to make trucks and trailers safer. Anti-lock disc brakes with stability control allow shorter stopping distances and rollover protection. A significant portion of the fleet utilizes collision mitigation technology that automatically stops the truck if it senses an impending collision. This will continue to be the standard for future truck and trailer orders.

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