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Second Grader Shares Favorite Things About Meijer: Shiny Fruit and Floors

A classroom assignment turned into a memorable event for one elementary class in Holland, Mich. The team at our Holland store recently received a letter from a second grader named Josiah, who was learning how to write an opinion letter.

Neatly typed and hand-signed, the letter said, “I think Meijer has the greatest fruit because it’s clean and shiny. Meijer looks clean. The floor is shiny and it has decorations. There are so many things that you can eat: meat, chicken, fruits: apple, grape, orange, and more.

The cashier people are very kind… thank you for having nice people. I think Meijer has the greatest fruit I give your store 5 stars because the floor is clean. I would like it if you write me back.”

For some people, the correspondence may have ended there, but Store Human Resources Representative Stephanie Zdun decided to write back to Josiah.

She wrote, “On behalf of our store director, Elvir Tabakovic and myself, thank you for the thoughtful letter that you sent to us. We really appreciated hearing your opinions of our store. We are glad that you love our shiny fruit. We work hard to keep our produce department stocked with many varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables for our customers to enjoy.

We are working hard to remodel our store and hope to be done by this summer. We have had to do a lot of extra cleaning in our store to keep the floors clean and we are glad that you noticed. It takes many months to plan a large remodel and we are working with many different construction crews and contractors to complete it. We hope you like it.”

Along with the letter, Stephanie and her team put together a large fruit basket, cupcakes, and a basket of supplies for Josiah’s classroom. The whole class got a chance to come to the store to receive the gifts.

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