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Our Next Generation of Industry Leaders Share Their Top Tips

Progressive Grocer recently named six of our team members as winners of the 2021 GenNext Awards, recognizing them among the industry’s best and brightest under the age of 40. These individuals have accomplished a lot in their relatively new careers, so we thought we’d share some of the best advice they’ve received. 

Travis Bernath, Noblesville, Ind. Store Director

“Stop working so hard and manage by walking around. An effective leader must slow down, be observant, and most importantly, listen to your customers and teams. A great leader empowers their team to do the same. Building this culture will empower your team to both provide, as well as implement solutions for the business.”


Michelle Hall, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer

“Listen to understand, not to respond. This is hard for all people to do, but something that I believe is critically important to leadership, especially in the environment we are all leading in today. Truly caring about others along the journey is more important than ever.”


Brian Pugh, Digital User Experience Director

“Stay curious, keep growing, learning and seek new truths. As soon as you think you ‘know’ something you’ll stop learning or you’ll stop looking for new possibilities. If you allow yourself to evolve, your career and fulfillment within it will never stop growing.”


Marlys Roberts, Merchandising Director of Deli, Bakery and Franchise

“Happiness creates success. Sometimes a project, outcome or partnership isn’t going the way we planned but spending too much time worrying about what may be won’t leave room to appreciate the positives that exist to pave the path forward. Being truthful with ourselves allows us the clarity needed to take on tough challenges with competence and confidence.”


Justin Sessink, Digital Shopping Director

“Good things happen when you're respectful, listen to others, and do the right thing. Putting others before yourself will always be rewarding.”


Erin Walton, Merchandising Director of Direct Store Delivery and Alcohol

“Don’t underestimate the value of creating authentic and long-term connections through networking. These relationships help you to not only grow and develop but they can also support you and advocate for you throughout your entire career.”

Congratulations, Travis, Michelle, Brian, Marlys, Justin and Erin.

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