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Meijer Intern Pleasantly Surprised by Change

Like many other college students, JaSean Murray had big plans next year that were heavily reliant on this summer’s internship opportunity. And then COVID-19 happened, and the Western Michigan University senior was unsure how the program would play out since many of his friends’ internships were being canceled.

When Meijer announced that it was continuing the program online, Murray was convinced that Meijer was the place to work.

“Meijer has been doing a wonderful job with this internship,” said Murray, of Detroit. “Even though it’s virtual you can still feel the love and energy of the Meijer family. Meijer has stepped up in many ways.”

Murray is among 77 other college interns from 30 colleges and universities who’ve adapted alongside Meijer in the wake of COVID-19. In an effort to keep its robust internship program from being cancelled, the retailer transitioned it into an all-virtual setting complete with laptops shipped to every participant.

Murray has been pleasantly surprised by the depth of internship program. Meijer interns are given the opportunity to network, enhance skills through classes and develop meaningful friendships with one another – all while being encouraged to excel in the corporate environment.

“This isn’t my first internship, but I would say it’s the best internship,” he said. “There is no busywork. We are focused on one thing while also bettering yourself with classes or networking and learning so much.”

Originally, Murray’s intern project was designed as a solo experience. But, now, he’s working with five other toy merchandising interns to focus on assortment. He spent a lot of time learning micro strategies and the math behind it.

“I love my team,” he said. “Everyone helps each other. We come together to support one another. They even plotted with my first assistant to throw me a surprise birthday party.”

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