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Meijer Joins Grassroots Efforts to Feed Community

Meijer is committed to enriching lives in the communities we serve. That includes showing support for a grassroots initiative started by community members to help better the lives of others. In early May, a new opportunity presented itself. The World of Purpose Foundation in association with the Ross Foundation, an Indianapolis nonprofit focused on providing access to basic needs and improving youth outcomes for low-income urban communities in the city, came to our Carmel, Ind. store in need of last-minute support for their food drive scheduled for the following day.

After approaching various stores, this community-based organization found itself in a dire situation. None of the area stores were able to provide the required quantities of food necessary to make the event possible. But then they came to Meijer where Store Director Chad Clark and his team were eager to take up the challenge.

In just 5 hours, our team secured the quantity and variety of food the Foundation requested to make their food drive a success. Andrea Espinosa, Founder of WPF, expressed gratitude for the inspiring show of support.

“You and Joe made the biggest difference in those few hours. It is because of you that we were able to secure the entire event!” Espinosa said.

As a result of the small but mighty team’s efforts, the Foundation was able to provide enough food to feed 50 families for an entire week. Our team was so moved by the group’s passion to have a positive and lasting impact on its community they donated enough food for an additional 100 meals to be delivered at the Foundation’s next food drive.

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