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Meijer Supports Low Vision Customers with Free Aira App

Meijer is pleased to offer free support to our blind and low vision customers by partnering with the Aira app to enhance their shopping experience.

Aira is a service that connects blind and low vision people to highly trained, remotely located agents through the cameras of their smartphones. At the touch of a button, Aira will connect customers who need immediate visual assistance with anything from reading in-store signage to product labels.

“Our mission is to enrich lives in the communities we serve,” said Tim Williams, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Meijer. “We are happy to offer this tool that ensures our low vision customers experience the same independence as any other customer with quick and easy access to the information they need.”

While Aira has previously been accessible for a per-minute fee in our stores, our new partnership provides the service at no cost within the perimeter of our stores. Upon entering any Meijer store or neighborhood market, including Bridge Street Market and Woodward Corner Market, any Aira user will receive a notification that their use of the app will be complimentary. This coupled with the free Wi-Fi available in all our stores offers a truly cost-free experience.

To download the Aira app, please visit

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