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How Our Frontline Heroes Keep their Spirits Up

During these unprecedented times, team members in our stores have faced challenges they never could have expected. But amidst the difficulties, they’ve banded together and embraced their inner heroes.

For example, at the Waterford, Mich. Meijer, the team is finding creative ways to keep smiling behind their masks. Store Director Natalie Stacey partnered with a local printing business to create banners for both exits to remind her teams and customers how much they’re appreciated. They also created a banner for team members to sign, which Stacey plans to laminate and hang in the backroom to showcase how well they all worked together to get through this difficult time.        

“The leadership at the store is committed to keeping things fun and spirits high!” Stacey said.                                      

The store’s hero theme continues with custom T-shirts. Customer Line Leader Marie Vorndam worked with another local printing company to take her idea from concept to production almost overnight. The store has weekly hero dress-up days where all team members are encouraged to wear superhero-themed attire to add some fun to their day and acknowledge the community heroes they are.

Along with the T-shirts, Vorndam printed signs with superhero silhouettes to hang in the backroom.

Their positivity is not just contained to the store. Stacey’s daughter, Sophia, was asked by her school to share affirmations for heroes in their community. She chose to thank her mom’s team at Meijer with a hand-made sign reading, “Thank you grocery heroes like my mom and her team at Meijer.”






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