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Local Food Bank Gets Emergency Donation from Meijer

Love INC, a nonprofit serving residents of Grandville, Jenison and Hudsonville, Mich., received a surprise influx of funds from Meijer during a recent shopping trip.

The nonprofit has seen a 60 percent increase in families seeking emergency food support every week since mid-March as a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus and had run out of money to support the growing need.

Meijer anticipated the increased need across our footprint, and in March, announced a $2.2 million additional gift to our Simply Give food pantry partners to help them continue their mission of feeding families in their communities. But while Love INC awaited its $5,000 portion of that gift, it needed to serve its community immediately.

Upon learning of the urgency with which Love INC needed the funds, team members at the Jenison Meijer encouraged them to fill out a donation form and made a rush donation of $500 to help them fill the shelves at their food pantry that day.

They have since received $5,000 in gift cards through the Simply Give program to support those facing food insecurity in their community.

In gratitude, representatives of Love INC put together this video thanking Meijer for its continued support during this challenging time.

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