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Meijer Partners with Campbells and Colts to Pack 900 Lunches for Gleaners Food Bank

Winter months are an especially difficult time for families facing food insecurity. Snow storms can leave children without school-provided lunches and make it difficult for parents to get to work to be able to pay for necessities. Hoosier families are no exception.

Knowing this, Meijer, Campbell’s and the Indianapolis Colts joined forces with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana earlier this month to pack 900 “Backsack” meals for children in need of food outside of school hours. 

Students from St. Michael St. Gabriel Archangels School also joined the effort, giving their time to support other children in need by packing the “backsacks” alongside Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders and mascot, Blue, as well as Meijer and Campbell’s team members.

The volunteers filled these “Backsacks” with kid-favorite calorie-rich foods like protein bars, canned pasta and pudding cups.

“Gleaners estimates that more than 46,000 children are food insecure in Marion County alone,” said Maureen Mitchell, Meijer Central Region Vice President, to volunteers at the Feb. 3 event. “We are pleased to be supporting those children today with your help.”

Campbell’s also donated 6,000 cans of SpaghettiOs to the food bank at the event.

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