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National Private Truck Council Names Meijer Logistics Manager as Board Chair

The National Private Truck Council (NPTC) recently named Meijer Logistics Manager Carol Heinowski as its Board Chair. The 10-year Meijer team member is the first woman named to this role.

“Women represent a very small minority in the trucking industry. So I hope my appointment as Board Chair inspires other women to either enter or continue in this field,” Heinowski said.

Heinowski joined Meijer in 2008 to ensure the Meijer fleet — and its 325 drivers — are in compliance with safety regulations. She previously spent 20 years working for the federal government as a safety investigator, conducting accident investigations, roadside inspections on drivers and compliance audits for companies.

She became involved with the NPTC board in 2012, and was elected Vice Chair in 2016. She will serve as Chair for 2 years.

“Carol was encouraged to become the Chair of NPTC’s Board of Director because she exemplifies the very best professional and personal qualities the private fleet management industry has to offer,” said Gary Petty, NPTC President & CEO.

For more information on the Meijer fleet, please click here.

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