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Kudos to Branch County Sheriff Department’s Adopt A Cop Program

Meijer was built on a fundamental philosophy of supporting the communities we serve, which is why our Coldwater Meijer store gladly made a recent donation to the Branch County Sheriff Department’s Adopt A Cop program.

The department partners with an area elementary school, which has allowed its 209 second graders to write letters to Xenia, a search and rescue dog with the department.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter written to Meijer from the department:

“Xenia responds to all the letters. (Yes, all 209!). Xenia posts and shares her letters to the Sheriff Department bulletin board. The police LOVE seeing what the kids write. … One by one we are making a difference in the children’s lives. They are even wanting to be a police officer or a fireman now!!”

Representatives with the department even visit the school to teach the students about life-saving measures and equipment.

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