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Family-Owned Kirchgessner Farm Provides Fresh Produce to Louisville and Indiana Meijer Stores

Meijer is committed to purchasing from local growers big and small, which includes a longtime partnership with Kirchgessner Farm. The small family-owned farm has provided fresh produce to Meijer stores in Louisville, Ky. and southern Indiana with fresh cantaloupes for nearly 15 years. Bill Kirchgessner runs the second generation farm with several family members, including his siblings, wife and children, and appreciates the commitment Meijer has to buying local.

“Meijer has made a huge commitment to buying our produce,” Kirchgessner said. “I know how much I appreciate it when people shop at Meijer and buy our family farm melons because they say ‘locally grown.’ It makes us feel good to know our neighbors are supporting us and our farm.”

Kirchgessner works hard to provide the best quality produce to Meijer – ensuring customers are getting the best tasting and freshest melons they’ve come to expect.

To view a video highlighting the Kirchgessner Farm, please click here.

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