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Locally-Grown Easter Lilies at Meijer

At Meijer, we strongly believe in supporting local communities we serve, and this extends to the local growers. Byron Township, Mich.-based Masterpiece Flower Company has supplied each of our 213 stores with Easter lilies this spring.

In fact, we’ve been working with family-owned company that sells and distributes plans grown by Henry Mast Greenhouse for 54 years. They also grow our potted bulbs, poinsettias, single and multi-spike orchids and mums among other varieties.

The Easter lilies are picked daily – before they’re in full bloom – to ensure our customers have a beautiful centerpiece in time for their Easter celebrations with family and friends.

This spring, we expect to sell more than 140,000 Easter lilies and more than 300,000 potted bulbs like tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.

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