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Meijer Food Rescue Program Stocks More Than 7.4 Million Pounds of Food Across the Midwest

Hunger relief in the communities we serve has been a priority since Meijer was founded. As part of this commitment, we established the Meijer food rescue program, helping increase the total tonnage of food delivered to local food banks while ensuring quality food doesn’t go to waste.

Last year through our food rescue program, Meijer donated 7.4 million pounds of food – or 6.1 million meals – to local food banks across the Midwest. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines a meal as 1.2 pounds of food. Meijer is happy to help communities address hunger relief through the food rescue program, which provides healthy food choices to food banks.

The Meijer food rescue program began in 2008 with food banks picking up fresh food, including meat, cheese and select deli and bakery items, from 29 Meijer stores in southeast Michigan. It has since grown corporate-wide with all 213 stores now able to support a rescue food bank.

To learn more about our hunger relief efforts, click here.

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